Accounting services for Chinese companies in Japan
Leave it to CVC Accounting!

1.The Best Relations with Chinese Companies/Personal in Tax Service in Japan!
Over 95% of our clients are Chinese companies. As of January 2024, we have 180 Chinese company clients, 250 individual clients, and 6 Chinese staff members. Since our establishment, we have consistently focused on serving Chinese companies, allowing us to deeply understand the needs and characteristics of Chinese individuals. We also comprehend the challenges and significance of obtaining visas and conducting business in Japan.

2.The Largest Number of Fully Remote Staff in Japan!
As of January 2024, we have 36 fully remote staff members nationwide. While there is a growing trend of accounting firms adopting partial remote work, we believe our firm is unique in having 36 staff members working entirely remotely across the country.

3.Staff Takes Priority Over Clients! Emphasis on the President's Character Over Fees!
While we understand the importance of financial transactions, paying money doesn't automatically make someone admirable as a person. To uphold this basic principle, even if a client is a company president, we terminate advisory contracts if they exhibit arrogant behavior towards our staff.

Because the president treats our staff with respect, our staff reciprocates with affection towards clients, allowing us to provide genuinely heartfelt services. No one would think of offering more than what's specified in the contract to someone they dislike. To establish mutual trust as individuals and truly deliver high-quality services, we consistently adhere to this philosophy.

4.No Office Space! Meetings Exclusively Online!!
As online meetings and remote work become the norm, and with the world progressing towards a paperless environment, we believe the significance of having a physical office will diminish further in the future.

When asked whether face-to-face or online meetings are preferable, of course, face-to-face is the better option. However, the crucial point is not the comparison between the two but whether we can provide services exceeding the fees received, and this can be adequately achieved online. In fact, online meetings offer the advantage of being able to respond quickly from anywhere, anytime.

Furthermore, whether face-to-face or online, the content of the discussion remains 100% the same.

Additionally, by exclusively adopting an online approach, our staff can work without being bound by time and location. Simultaneously, this means we can recruit motivated staff from across the country. Providing services to clients is the responsibility of each individual staff member.

Adhering to the era by thoroughly embracing online practices and enhancing the working environment for our staff, we aim to achieve our goal of "providing services exceeding the fees received.


The Direction CVC Accounting Aims for.

Since our establishment, we have consistently focused on serving Chinese companies

Compensation and Service Details:

You can rely on us with clear fees and service details.

The Direction CVC Accounting Aims for.

Looking ahead over the next 10 to 15 years, our company aims to take the following form:

1. Thoroughly Embrace a Flexible Work Style Free from Time and Location Constraints.
To achieve this, we discontinued offline meetings in the second half of 2023. In addition to this, by the first half of 2025, we will achieve 100% paperless operations. Eliminating offline meetings and paper allows for a work style that is free from time and location constraints.

2. Specialize in Services and Choose Clients that Fit Our Company.
By focusing on services tailored to Chinese companies, we aim to enhance service quality. We will refrain from entering contracts with companies whose values and personalities do not align with ours, or we will proceed with termination. This approach aims to create an environment where both clients and staff can be treated with affection by all parties involved.

The company is not inherently superior, nor are clients. Therefore, we strive for a more natural direction in our interactions, valuing everyone as individuals.

Compensation and Service Details:

Our company's compensation aligns with the typical standards of accounting firms in Tokyo—neither excessively high nor notably low. However, within this price range, we provide the following services. We believe we are the only accounting firm in Japan capable of offering these services at this particular price point.

1 . Managed by a Japanese tax accountant who oversees monthly reporting, addresses inquiries, and provides advice.
2 . Managed by Chinese staff and communicate in Chinese regularly.
3 . Facilitate constant communication and accessibility through WeChat groups.。
4 . Thorough monthly accounting reports are ensured.
5 . Understand visa matters and collaborate with administrative scriveners.

Company SizeAnnual Compensation
Annual Revenue 20 million yen400,000 yen
Annual Revenue Several Tens of Million Yen600,000 yen
Annual Revenue 100 million yen750,000 yen
Annual Revenue Several Hundred Million Yen1,000,000 yen
Fee Guidelines


Introduction of the Representative

Name: Masayasu Amano (Born in April 1977)
After graduating from Waseda University, worked at E&Y and a small accounting office.
Established CVC Accounting Office in 2014.
Hobbies: Martial Arts (K-1 Masters National Runner-up), Karaoke (Own a voice training
school), Japanese Sake (Know about it more than taxes!).
Favorite foods in China: Shanghai crab with yellow wine, spicy skewers, and crayfish.

Office Overview

NameCVC Accounting Firm
Address2-23-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Number of Staff:36 (Certified Public Accountant: 1, Tax Accountant: 4, Administrative Scrivener: 1, Social Insurance Labor Consultant: 1, Chinese Staff: 6)
Number of Chinese Clients:180 companies, 200 Individuals (non-residents)


  • location
    2-23-1 Yoyogi, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
  • By train
    Get off at Shinjuku Station on the JR, Keio, and Odakyu lines. 6 minutes walk from near JR south exit